Charybdis [Χάρυβδη] Lila Rivers (tsunamisurfer) wrote,
Charybdis [Χάρυβδη] Lila Rivers

oo5. every little landslide;

Answering the daily "What the fuck was that?" following whichever maelstrom in whichever job with "Me, you idiot" was decidedly not what I meant to do.

'Cause usually we tell them it's a train? Even though neither the café or the bar have a subway under them--which just goes to show how stupid humans really are--and, you know, I'm pretty sure the girls in work have figured out it has something to do with me. Especially since Chloe's mother is way superstitious and my shifts come with a whole lot of spilled cocktails and everyone notices coffee doing the same funky spiralling-out-of-container thing the cocktails do. Because it burns like a bitch.

I need to stop talking. It is sort of hilarious though.
Tags: a bit of a natural disaster, event, this is not a moment of intelligence
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