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.the mundane;
» Name: Pippa
» Journal: shotgundivorce
» Contact: AIM; charybdissleeps / pseudologosx / shotgundivorcex
» How did you find us?: I work here :3

.the myth;
» God(dess): Charybdis
» Reference:

» Family: {mother & father} Gaia & Poseidon; {spouse} N/A
» Played By: Leighton Meester
» Human Alias: Lila Rivers
» Human Age: 22
» God of...: Er, nymph-turned-sea-monster. Also known as the Goddess of the Tide, since her inhalations of water coincided with the three lowest tides.
» Flair:
1] As a monster, Charybdis caused her maelstroms by actively swallowing fathoms of water and spitting it back out again three times a day--as a mortal with pretty much the same ability, she spends the time between incidents absorbing moisture from the air (this is an unconscious effort), releasing it accordingly to affect the nearest bodies of water within a certain distance of her. Her whirlpools are not exactly catastrophic--she could not sink a boat if she were sailing, but there would be noticeable turbulence.
2] During periods of heightened emotion, or when she just feels like it, Charybdis is something of a walking wave machine.
» Flair Type:
1] Continuous
2] Activated
» Fitting in: Works part-time as a waitress and part-time as a barmaid.

» History:
Charybdis started out life as a sea-nymph and a daughter of Poseidon and Gaia. While Zeus and Poseidon argued over the size of their dominions, she fought loyally for her father’s “cause”. She rode the waves he created, directing them towards the coastlines with the intent to swallow and submerge, claiming the land for Poseidon. Which was all well and good until the uncle she was crossing lost his patience and turned her into a sea monster. After that, life was really rather simple for a very, very long time.

And then she appeared in Fallen Pedestals. It should probably also be noted, however, that it can be assumed this happened much earlier in mythology if the brothers were still rivaling and Charybdis’ only other appearances are as a sea monster/whirlpool. So she doesn’t know who anyone is, with the exception of the gods and possibly other immortals.

» Weakness:
The Human Race: To say that Charybdis feels positively violated by the monstrosity that she has been turned into (the human, not the monster) would be understating an understatement. She hates the species with a burning passion. There is nothing on the land—or so she believes—that will impress her, nothing worth truly giving her attention to. As a nymph, she dedicated her time to destroying the coastal settlements, pushing her luck her power as far as she could make it reach. Her general resentment regarding Zeus’ kingdom being placed above her father’s (er, quite literally, actually... but no pun intended) became not only aimed at the dry land but at those who inhabited it, and she gave no thought whatsoever to those who drowned in her attacks. To be honest, she hasn’t changed. Unless you bring with you a name she recognises (or are a blood relative, but that will be covered later), she really couldn’t care less about your pathetic existance. In fact, give her half a chance and she will gladly hold your head under in the bath.

Unleashed: When it comes to human welfare, Charybdis was dangerous enough before she was turned into a sea monster. She held no concern for the human race whatsoever, more intent on claiming land in the name of Daddy and his power struggle. She certainly did not stop to think how many people she was killing in the process. The transition from something of a vicious bitch to a natural disaster just added something of a raw edge to her. The term “force of nature” is apt, since with her flair in consideration, she really hasn’t changed. She has no respect for mankind, womankind or childkind and would happily see the whole world submerged. Humans mean nothing to her—they just happen to be the natives. Of course, with the human race being the lowest of the low, that put Charybdis and anyone she deems worthy right at the top of the pecking order. She is completely aware of her own superiority and while you can ask her to stop looking down on you, she won’t. There is a chance it is actually a physical impossibility. With a tendency to lay waste to whatever isn’t working for her at any given moment (homework, the current social hierarchy), Charybdis has a problem with authority figures (with the exception of those who may rightfully have authority over her) and following rules. Because Daddy’s little wave-warrior doesn’t like being made to live in a world that should belong to him but doesn’t. And somehow she doesn’t believe that he would actually want her to slot into their miserable lifestyle. Why bother when she knows how to make room for herself?

Flair-meets-humans: She has no qualms with letting (hah, as if she could stop it) her flair go off in public, sending scalding hot coffee into people’s laps. She spent an absurd amount of time continuing to destroy men as much as she feasibly could from the bottom of the ocean—of course, this wasn’t something she deliberately chose to do, it was just part of being a monster, but she would insist otherwise. Especially since she is reported to have hated the ships she swallowed. In all fairness, as a monster, Charybdis only continued to do what came naturally. It was just a pity that she was nowhere near the coast. But letting her loose now with similar abilities is rather asking for it. The situation only worsens when humans’ reactions to the whirlpool’s in their orange juice unnerve them. Seriously—what? What is so strange about that? Being so out of the loop (really, she missed all the good tragedies) means that she has no real grasp on “antiquity vs modernity”. As far as she is concerned, there is—and has only ever been—her vs man/land. The time of heroes and the little boys who aspired to be heroes has passed, forced to make room for idiots in spandex and capes. No woman these days could manage to hide her probable indiscretion by insisting she was seduced by a god and actually have people believe her. So, should abnormal water activity occur, people do not sit and ponder over what it might mean and perhaps send for a seer. They freak out and engage in all sorts of embarrassing behaviour—like try to rescue their toddlers from the paddling pool after it has calmed down again. And Charybdis stands in the background, eyebrow raised and hand on hip, trying to understand why in the name of all things holy these apes (this is the one time she is willing to agree with Darwin) were allowed to live. But despite the trouble she manages to cause, she is incredibly good at not noticing it, and has that “sorry, are you hallucinating again?” expression down to an art.

Reality: So there’s how Charybdis views herself, how the bards view her, how confused complex residents view her and then… what she actually is. She has always been one of Daddy’s Little Soldiers—off dry land. She fought with and against elements; not with weaponry. While she is agile and can throw a punch if she really needs to, it is probably best that she doesn’t, because she hasn’t realised how much it can hurt. Yes, she can still create waves in your swimming pool. Yes, she wreaks havoc with the liquids three times a day. Yes, she’s really rather spiteful. Yes, she has a bitch of a temper. But that’s about it. Now in a human body, Charybdis’ bark really is worse than her bite. There is a chance she may try to drown you in your sleep—water is her weapon of choice, after all—but she will not attempt to engage anyone in hand-to-hand combat. She may thrash like hell if put into a situation she doesn’t like, but it is unlikely the violence will go much further unless she finds herself fighting for her life. And if that is the case, it would be unwise to put any money on Charybdis winning. She is an elemental creature by nature and has never fought with anything more than high pressured sea water.

Daddy’s girl/Family ties: It doesn’t matter whether or not the affection runs both ways, Charybdis is and always will be her father’s daughter and fiercely loyal. She adores Poseidon and is willing to brush aside any/all of his faults—though whether you can get her to admit he has any is subject to debate. Her loyalties to him and the rest of his line (aunts and uncles are not usually included because of conflicts in interest) border on unconditional. Indeed, there is almost nothing she would not do on behalf of her father, but this loyalty extends to the ridiculous number of siblings and even more ridiculous number of nephews and nieces, etc. Where she would usually be all prickles and sniping, Charybdis can be—quite surprisingly—affectionate when she wants to be. She would like to claim that she only behaves that way when it suits her, but truth be told, she has never been very good at keeping a rein on her feelings (hence her attitude), so people she actually likes are just as likely to be greeted by a tackle-hug (personal bubble? What’s that?) as they are a wave.

Emotional issues: As a result of the above inability to keep her sharp tongue behind her teeth when upset/angry, Charybdis has developed an emotional barricade of… bitchiness, for want of a better word. She maintains a prickly demeanour rather easily, partly because that is just how she is, and actually takes pride in her ability to keep others at arms length. If you really want to know what’s going on in her head you will have to do the leg-work yourself and find out the hard way. The hard way that isn’t really that hard. She isn’t difficult to read, just difficult to get on with. It doesn’t really help that she is fairly certain that her father did absolutely nothing to stop one of his daughter’s getting turned into a sea monster—not that she would ever fault him for that or… anything else ever—and can’t help but feel a little abandoned. Of course, there is no way for her to know of Poseidon’s actions after she became a sea monster, but that isn’t the point. So… everyone gets held at arms length—but family get held a little tighter. Because Charybdis really doesn’t want to be left on her own.

Entitled brat/proud/vain: Granted, the latter has only really become an issue since she became mortal. Now that she can actually see herself again, she has trouble passing reflective surfaces without checking for any imperfections. She may hate apes humans, but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t look good as one. As for the rest? Hello, daughter of Poseidon. True, he happens to be a god with a whole freaking clown car of kiddiewinks, illegitimate and legitimate alike—but what’s your point? Child of Poseidon. You know, the Sea God who the whole world revolves around as far as she is concerned. When it comes to how Charybdis classes gods and mortals alike, Poseidon’s bloodline are right at the top. No disrespect to her aunts and uncles on either side of the family (Zeus, please die in a fire), but Daddy wins. We’re not sure what the prize is, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

» Personality:
The line “the lady is a tramp” is rather apt in this case. Being vain enough, Charybdis can look the part—sleek and shimmery, you may well want her on your arm. But it is just a mirage. She can talk the talk to back it up if she feels so inclined, though that doesn’t happen often. But underneath that glossy veneer of make up, labels and behind that almost well-spoken, well-educated façade is nothing but rough edges. She was made of raw enough material before she was expelled to the deepest fathoms of the ocean, never mind now. Millennia as a sea monster can do strange things to a person, and laughing at the occurrence of natural disasters is just one of them. She has a rather intense hatred of man-made methods of crossing water, seeing it as an attempt at conquering her father’s dominion—or even herself. She does not see this dislike as irrational, rather viewing it as a perfectly rational reaction to man’s efforts at taking over everything (she doesn’t think the aeroplane was Zeus’ invention). Bearing in mind, her perception of what man is capable of has gone from settlements, to what may have been a small ship sailing straight into her, to a goddamn concrete jungle. There’s a fair amount of evolution/explanation missing in the middle.
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